SVR Stream Video Recorder

With Plan 
Without Plan 


The ADC-SVR122 provides 24x7 professional local video recording and storage. It features a quiet design with an HDMI output, which can be used to view live or recorded footage locally using a TV or computer monitor. 

Like our current ADC-SVR100, the ADC-SVR122 supports recording for up to 8 IP cameras on a local network, as well as the ability to watch recorded footage remotely from the Customer Website or mobile app. 

Additional service plan is required for the SVR

The ADC-SVR122 features:

Local HDMI port for live and recorded playback
Support for up to 8 cameras
This model had 500 GB HD (For 1 TB add $35.00       For 2TB add $99.00)
Quiet, fanless, thermal heat sink
Clean, smaller more modern design
All at a lower price point!